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Adopting A Boxer

We do not carry a 'stock' of dogs or have a rescue 'centre' where you can come and walk a line of cages until you find the right dog.  We use foster homes and commercial kennel facilities to house the dogs in our care.  Some of the dogs advertised here will stay with their original owners until we have identified a suitable placement for them.  This reduces the stresses the animal has to go through and avoids prolonged periods of kennelling until the right forever home is found.  Once a suitable home is identified we will bring the dog into our care for assessment and veterinary care before inviting the new family to come for a meeting.

When applying to rescue a boxer please do so with an open mind.  Compromising on colour, sex and age may broaden the availability of suitable dogs for you and your family.  We will always do what we can to match our available dogs to your requirements, but greater flexibility will give you a wider choice and will increase our chance of finding you a soul mate.

A boxer comes with no guarantees regardless of age sex or colour.


An older dog may be easier to manage and even though the time you expect to have the dog beyond adoption may be shorter you may find that the pleasure they bring during that shorter time gives more rewards.  An older dog can be more characterful, is easier to care for and very often will be less boisterous than a juvenile animal.  Having said that, it is a commonly known fact that a boxer will retain very many puppy type behaviours well into adulthood.  I once asked my vet how long it would be before my 8 year old boxer 'calmed down' and his response was "About 15 minutes before she dies".  His words could not have been truer as my girl retained an incredible zest for life right up until she was too poorly to continue at the age of 12. 

An older dog will often have many of the life skills a younger dog lacks such as knowing commands, toilet training and the ability to be left alone in the home without the trauma of separation anxiety.  If you are unfamiliar with the breed or have not owned a boxer before then we would recommend you consider an older dog. 


There are many myths surrounding white boxers.  It is true that a white boxer is more likely to suffer from deafness than a red or brindle animal. All other conditions common to boxers show no greater prevalence in white dogs than they do in any other colour.  White boxers are not sicker, more badly behaved or more stupid than any other colour.  The only difference between a white boxer and a red or brindle boxer is that the Kennel Club will not allow them to compete in the show ring. None of our dogs would be allowed to compete in the show ring because the Kennel Club will not accept neutered dogs in the show ring either.

Adoption Donation

We ask for a minimum donation of £200.00 for each dog. This is payable when you have met and chosen your dog and the adoption is completed. This does not cover the costs involved in rehoming every dog but it makes a significant contribution to the continuing operation of the rescue.  It is further supported by exceptional fund raising activities such as car boot sales, raffles, collections and on line events such as auctions and competitions. Each dog is neutered and microchipped before being rehomed.  Some dogs will spend time in kennels prior to rehoming and this incurs cost also.

The above figure may vary when rehoming a dog aged 9 or older or when considering adoption for a pair of dogs who need to be rehomed together. These are special cases however and each will be taken on its own merits.

Rehoming Policies

Please DO NOT complete this form until you have read our rehoming policies and are sure you can comply. 

Acknowledgement of Applications

We aim to acknowledge all forms within 48 hours (72 hours maximum during busy times) but if you have an urgent communication for us please email and we will respond as soon as possible. We have been experiencing intermittent problems receiving forms submitted by people using phones or tablets, so please contact us by email to to check receipt if you are using either of those items and have not received an acknowledgment of receipt in 72 hours.

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