Boxer Dog Rescue Northern England

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Last updated: 11th February 2018

There are many dogs waiting to be rehomed, a selection of them are shown below. 



7 year old Zina has found herself in Rescue because her family are emigrating and can’t take her with them.

She is a lovely, affectionate girl who is great with people and kids. She has lived with another dog but is now used to being the only dog in the house. She hasn’t met many other dogs in her life so hasn’t had the chance to socialise properly, this has made her wary of dogs and will no doubt need some training in this area. She knows her basic commands and can be left for a few hours without being destructive. She enjoys her walks and loves to have fun with her toys!

If you think you can give Zina the forever home she deserves, please complete our online adoption application.


6 year old Buster had been abandoned by his owner and was living on the streets when, sadly, he was hit by a car. Luckily he survived without major injuries and was picked up by the dog warden. His microchip information is out of date and nobody came to find him in the pound, so BDRNE stepped in and we are now overseeing his care.

Initial assessments indicate he is an affectionate lad but quite excitable so he'll need a strong owner to handle him. He's deaf and knows good hand signals, so he must have gone through some training in the past. He is showing good potential in kennels and responds well to kennel staff. He loves his treats and will shake both paws for a tasty bite!

As nothing is known about his past we have to find him a home with no kids and no other pets. He is currently undergoing assessment in kennels, but if you think you can offer him a foster place or a forever home please complete our online application.

4 year old Stanley needs to come in to our care because he and his Boxer sister are scrapping over toys. 

He is a loving, funny, gentle giant of a dog with a cheeky, friendly nature. Outside he is very good, he gets excited when going for a walk and will pull to begin with but then he calms down and walks nicely. He is good off lead although in typical Boxer fashion he can get distracted by trying to haul a tree across the fields! He’s a very sociable boy and gets on with all dogs, greeting them in a calm, friendly manner. He currently goes to doggy day care twice a week which he loves and gets on very well with all the other dogs and has a great time. He’s a big lad who sometimes forgets his size and strength and gets a little clumsy, so he’s looking for a home with no small children or small animals. He hates being left alone but is crate trained and will happily go in his crate if he has a toy and treats to pass the time.

Stanley has been deaf from birth but this hasn’t stopped him leading a completely normal life. He has learnt a variety of hand signals and responds well to them for his basic commands. Although Stanley has always lived with a canine companion, his possessiveness over toys and treats has been problematic and the scraps with his Boxer sister are caused because of it. For this reason we are looking for a home with no resident dog so that Stanley can have his toys all to himself. 

If you think you can give Stanley a loving forever home where he won’t be left for long periods, please complete our online adoption application.

Dexter is a 5 year old boy who is coming in to our care following a marital breakdown.

He is a happy, friendly and affectionate boy. He is fantastic with kids and loves to be a part of family life. He enjoys long walks and boisterous boxer play and is well socialised and friendly with other dogs.

Due to the change in family circumstances, Dexter is currently being left longer than he is used to and has consequently started to become anxious when left, causing him to be destructive so we will be looking for a home with a canine companion where he won’t be left for long periods.

If you feel you can give Dexter the forever home he is looking for, please complete our online adoption application.

12 year old Tye is coming in to our care following the death of his owner.

We are told he is good with children but has never been socialised with dogs so is not dog-friendly. He can be wary of strangers but is fine once he knows people and feels comfortable around them. He is house trained and knows his basic commands and can be left for a few hours without being destructive. He is a typical older gent who enjoys his sleep.

Tye is looking for a dog-free foster or forever home where he can rest his head and enjoy human companionship again. If you can offer this please complete our online application.

Bailey is a 15 month old female who is coming into Rescue as her owners are no longer able to give her the care she needs.

She is a fun-loving and affectionate girl who has all the energy of a typical 15 month old boxer. She has not been socialised properly with other dogs and can be boisterous and ‘full on’ with them so will need to learn some doggie manners. She is friendly with people, excellent with children and is a family dog who loves attention. She is used to being left for short periods but has been destructive in the past when left for longer periods.

If you feel you can give Bailey the forever home she is looking for, please complete our online adoption application.