Boxer Dog Rescue Northern England

Helping Boxers In Need Across The North Of England And Beyond Registered Charity No. 1153127


Last updated: 2nd December 2017

There are many dogs waiting to be rehomed, a selection of them are shown below. 



Lola is a gorgeous 4 year old girl. She is an ex breeding bitch who is not used to socialising with other dogs. She needs to come in to rescue because she has a tendency to guard her food and she growls at people who approach her during feeding time, so her owners feel they cannot keep her as they have children in the house. 

Lola is a typical bouncy Boxer who loves walks and playtime. She can be wary of strange men but is comfortable once she gets to know them. She is house trained, crate trained, knows her basic commands and can be left for a few hours without being destructive. If you think you can offer Lola a foster or forever home, please complete our online application.


7 year old Zina has found herself in Rescue because her family are emigrating and can’t take her with them.

She is a lovely, affectionate girl who is great with people and kids. She has lived with another dog but is now used to being the only dog in the house. She hasn’t met many other dogs in her life so hasn’t had the chance to socialise properly, this has made her wary of dogs and will no doubt need some training in this area. She knows her basic commands and can be left for a few hours without being destructive. She enjoys her walks and loves to have fun with her toys!

If you think you can give Zina the forever home she deserves, please complete our online adoption application.