Boxer Dog Rescue Northern England

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Last updated: 21st March 2017

There are many dogs waiting to be rehomed, a selection of them are shown below. 




Meet 4 year old Scar who has been in kennels for the last 5 months undergoing some intensive 'back to basics' training on a 1:1 basis. He has never been taught doggie manners, so he is now learning what is - and is not - acceptable behaviour. 

He is a handsome, playful lad who can be nervous of strangers at first but forms a strong bond when he gets to know you. He enjoys playing with a football and loves to do zoomies in typical Boxer fashion!

Scar needs a stable home with a structured routine and a good amount of exercise with a confident handler. He is looking for a home with no children and no other animals so his new owner(s) can spend time continuing his training. If you feel you can offer Scar a foster or forever home, please complete our online application.


1 year old Bono is coming in to our care due to his owner’s poor health.

He’s a handsome, friendly, boy and a typical boisterous youngster! He is friendly with dogs and people but gets very excited and bouncy, so a home with no small children is preferred. He needs plenty of exercise to burn off his energy and an assertive pack leader who will instil house rules and boundaries for him to learn and respect.

Bono is house trained and knows his basic commands. He’s a strong lad but walks quite well on a half-check lead. He can be left for a few hours and won’t soil in the house or open doors but he has been known to chew up his bed, so a home where he wouldn’t be left for long periods would be ideal.

If you think you can offer Bono a loving forever home, please complete our online adoption application.


This gorgeous boy is 8 year old Ricky. He has come into our care following a marriage breakdown. He is well behaved, in very good condition and still active at his age. He is fine when being left as he is used to this.

Ricky needs to be the only dog - he doesn't seem to have been socialised and pulls towards other dogs while walking, although he walks well on a head collar. He needs someone who is prepared to continue his training & socialisation.

If you think you can offer Ricky a loving forever home, please complete our online adoption application.


7 year old Riley came into our care due to a change in his owner’s circumstances. He is now in a foster home where he lives happily with the resident female Boxer.

He’s a playful, friendly and very handsome lad who loves both human and canine company. He’s young and sprightley for his age and is very dog friendly, although he doesn’t like cats. He is well behaved and knows all his basic commands. He does pull a little bit on lead but he will sit on command when he comes to a road. His foster mum says he’s a lovely lad - a typical bouncy Boxer!

If you think you can offer Riley a loving forever home, please complete our online adoption application.

Barney (left) and Rubble are a special pair of 8 year old boys who are coming into our care because their owners no longer have time for them.

Barney lost his hearing when he was 3 years old and since then he's relied on his brother, Rubble, to be his ears. They’ve been together since they were puppies and we're looking for a home where they can stay together. 

They are both house trained, crate trained, know their basic commands and can be left for a few hours without being destructive. Both dogs are a bit grumpy with other dogs so can’t be called dog-friendly. They are both friendly with children but have never lived with them. 

If you are able to offer this pair a foster home or a forever home, please complete our online adoption application.


3 year old white boy Ludo has come in to our care following a marriage split and he is now in a foster home which he shares with his new boxer sister. 

He is a lovable, cheeky, friendly boy who is very affectionate and loves human as well as canine company. He’s a big lad who sometimes forgets his size and strength and gets a little clumsy, so he’s looking for a home with no small children or small animals. He’s a very sociable boy and gets on with all dogs and people and he loves nothing better than to snuggle up with you or a canine pal after a good long walk - as you can see! He doesn’t like being left alone but is crate trained and will happily go in his crate if he is given a toy or some treats to pass the time. 

Ludo has been deaf from birth but this hasn’t stopped him leading a completely normal life. He has always lived with other Boxers since being just a few months old and he’s learned a lot from them. He’s a quick learner and responds to hand signals for his basic commands. His fosterer says his deafness doesn’t make any difference at all and he has settled in very well. 

He’s looking for a forever home with a resident dog and where he won’t be left for long periods, so if you think you can offer this, please complete our online adoption application.