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Rossi - Rehomed Sept 2010

Rossi now has new boxer sister Holly to show him the ropes in his new home - although so far he's taught her how to open doors and climb up on mums window sill!  But he's the best spider catcher there ever was, which more than makes up for this :)

Jack - Adopted Sept 2010

Captain Jack has to be one of THE whitest boxers we have ever seen.  He slept all the way back to his new home where he's already an instant hit with everyone.

Chester - Rehomed Aug 2010

Chester went home in August and his family say its like hes always been there.  Apparently its not uncommon for them to wake up during the night to find him with his head on their pillows and legs wrapped around them!  He's enjoying 3 square walks a day and is starting to get the hang of this non pulling business!

Oscar - Rehomed July 2010

Oscar went home with a previous adopter of ours who felt they could not possibly stop at helping one dog in need! New boxer sister Nell and he get on like a house on fire, and the kids of the house adore him.  He has a passion for puddles and taking mud baths apparently!

Ziggy - Adopted July 2010


Ziggy came into us over the summer.  He was very underweight and had a serious skin issue which caused him to loose patches of hair on his body, along with excessive itching it also became cracked and sore.  As you can see, several months on and he is the picture of health!  His new mum and dad have brought him right back to his old self, and he even has a new boxer sister to play with :)

Alfie - Rehomed May 2010

" Alfie has settled well and is much loved. We are taking him to training classes.
The training is helping him and although it's all new he's doing really well. 
He needs to socialise with other dogs which is coming slowly.
He loves to walk down by the canal, and loves his cuddles at the end of the day"

Holly - Adopted April 2010

Hi Everyone just to let you know how I am getting on, I arrived at my new home on the 27th March I spent all day sniffing around and getting to know people, I had many visitors and lots of walks  my New family have six Rabbits I know they are Rabbits now, but they came as a bit of a shock at first but they all came and had a sniff at me, and we all get on, I help mum feed and change them  and end up wearing most of the hay, My new Family love me very much and dad calls me a Pampered pooch, I sleep with Grace who has a big double bed and we snuggle together at night time then in the morning I get up with mum and dad we all have breakfast and the day starts, i go everywhere with them in the car, even to the shops dad stays in the car with me, and when mum comes with the shopping i investigate the bags for treats, my night time walk is cool we live by a lake so the swans and ducks come to greet us, I have new friends now Ben who lives next door is  a golden retriever and a bit mental but he is a good friend, then there is tiny who is a great Dane he was a bit scary at first but a big softy, It turns out he was a rescue dog too. so here i am i love my new home and family and friends, and they love me  very much, got to go now going to bed with grace as got a busy day ahead tomorrow going to Anglesey for the day  will keep in touch  hope you like the photo's

Lots of licky licks!!

Holly xxxxxxxxxx

Stella - Rehomed March 2010

Hi everyone!
Stella here. Just wanted to let you know how happy I am living in the countryside. 
I love my 2 new dads, they have treated me really well and care and love for me so much, I have been a bit naughty but hey I'm young and they love me.  I love my big brother Freddy we play and chase each other and never stop kissing each other.
I have been trusted off my lead, I was naughty the first time and ran off but I came back and now I am regularly of my lead.  I love it at bed time cuddled on the bed with my dads and Freddy watchin movies, I just wanted to say a big thank you for rehousing me to a lovely family and I stay at my gran and grandads when my dads are out.
Oh and finally I am going on holiday in may to Norfolk so excited the beach and sea ,
love Stella

Kaiser - Adopted Dec 2009

"Thank you so much to Boxer Rescue for bringing Kaiser to us.  From the moment he bounded into our living room he's made his presence known!  Kaiser is an adorably loving dog, he loves his cuddles and plonks his head on your lap regularly for more attention. 

Kaiser now has a sister, Meg who's deaf.  He seems to have an instinct that she is deaf and regularly 'nudges' her especially when it's feedtime.  She's tolerated his never ending energy and they are now settling into each other very well. 

Kaiser has behaved impeccably since the day we got him, we've had no accidents and he's enjoying his 'Tryer' sessions at advanced behaviour classes, in fact he's a bit of a show off and has everyone laughing at his antics.

We've been incredibly lucky with our new young boy and he is very much loved.  Thank you to Pauline, Richard and all the Team for their hard work and continuing advice

Henry - adopted September 2009

Henry has settled into life in Dorset really well, and simply adores the beach!!
He's still learning his manners both on and off the lead, but has a selective memory when it suits him!!
As you can see from the photos, he's quite quite a chunky chap showing some mastiff genes in his size and temperament lol!!
Henry has made a wonderful addition to our family, and we really could not imagine life without him now.  Hope you like the photos.  Please post this on your happy ever after wall. Thank you.
Liam and Susan x

Devon (now Daisy) - Oct 2009

"Just to let you know that Daisy has settled in wonderfully. She is well and truly part of our family and has been from the word go! She's such a happy little dog, full of life and character - we really love her. She gets on well with Calli - they sleep together - share each others food - Calli cleans Daisy all the time. Daisy loves her walks - she gets 3 walks a day and her leg is much stronger now and she doesn't limp as much. The vet checked her over after we brought her home and said she had a slight problem with her eyes - ectropian so we need to watch that. She had her booster and was wormed. She's good on her walks but not very good on a lead. We have bought her a stop-pull harness which is great. She can be quite naughty with other dogs when on the lead - but lovely when she's off and just wanting to play. Our grandchildren love her and she's so gentle with them. Daisy has brought us a lot of joy and we're so pleased we have her. Daisy and Calli are just so cute together. One of their favourite things is to cuddle up in front of the fire and then they need some persuading to go out for their last walk! We have attached some photos so you can see how well she looks. We keep an eye on the website as we are always interested in how your rescue's boxers are doing. 
Thank you for looking after Daisy and helping her find her loving home."

Kai - Adopted August 2009

Madam Kai came into BDRNE as her family were emigrating and felt the upheaval would be too much at her age.  She is now quite the jet setter around England however, enjoying her new life on a narrow boat!  She has had some medical issues since going to her new home but nothing her mum and dad were not able to sort out for her!  This old lady has definitely landed on her paws

Gemma - Adopted August 2009

Toothy Gemma went off to her forever home at the end of August and if ever there was a boxer who deserves a new life it's this girlie :)  She had been with BDRNE since last summer and was possibly one of our longest residents so it is amazing for us all here to see how well she is getting on with her new family.

She has been behaving impeccably for her new mum and dad and coming on in leaps and bounds in her socialising with other dogs.  She now enjoys long walks on the beach and hot baths as well as a lovely snuggley bed!

Tyler - Adopted August 2009

Gentle giant Tyler was easily one of THE biggest boxers we have ever seen and such a gentleman!  His new mum and dad adore him and it seems everyone this boy meets falls instantly in love.  Apparently his new favourite spot at home is under the kitchen table, which is amazing as it's a wonder he doesn't get stuck there according to his mum!

Lennox - Adopted August 2009

"Hiya Guys,
My new Mummy says I am to write and let you know how its all goin.....
Well its great I must say, came to my new house on Thursday.  My new Daddy and Mummy are very kind I even have a big sister called Amber... she is great, she feeds me an gives me lots of cuddles although I am not sure she is keen on me jumping on her, Mummy tells me to 'get down', been out for some really good walks an even been to work with my new Daddy, am not sure roofing is my forte however I made a very good supervisor!!! They have registered me at the local vets an we are goin on Wednesday for a check up in the meantime I will continue to be the perfect puppy (except the odd accident on the kitchen floor.... ooopppss) an we have sent you some snaps!!!
Woof from Lennox xxxxx"

Alfie - Adopted July 2009

This handsome boy is Alfie.  When he came to us he had significant behavioural issues.  Whilst in our care his foster mummy worked with Bark Busters to show Alfie right from wrong.  He has recieved the love and support he so much deserved and although he still has work to do, the improvement is quite dramatic



He has now found a fabulous new dad who is prepared to continue the good work started and Alfie is continuing to improve.  Alfie's  new dad is over the moon with him and has hardly ever had any problems!

Ty - Adopted July 2009

3 year old Ty went off to his new home at the end of July and his new family cannot believe their luck!  He is impeccably behaved, and follows his dad EVERYWHERE by the sound of it



He has also acquired a new boxer sister, Roxy, who though unsure of sharing her mum and dad to begin with, looks to have settled extremely well in this picture!


Ronnie - Adopted July 2009

"We would like to say, having owned boxer dogs for the last 15 years we were under the misconception that all the rescue dogs would come from homes that had mistreated them, how wrong we were.


Our lovely Ronnie has obviously come from a loving family who have trained him well.  We could not be more pleased.  He is not only the most handsome boxer we have ever seen, he is so gentle, loving, affectionate, well behaved, does not pull on the lead in fact to use Mary Poppins phrase (practically perfect!)


Many thanks to Boxer Dog Rescue, especially Kirsty and Sharon, Ronnie's foster carer, who we know fell in love with him as much as we did.  He is really settled, taken over the settee and all our neighbours and friends love him to bits (he's loving all the attention) we will keep in touch with you all and send more photos."

Milo - Adopted July 2009

Laid back Milo went straight off to his new home within hours.  Well, when you're this hunky you won't be hanging around for long! 



He has a new four legged white sister, Daisy and four new cat friends, who he seems a bit scared of so far!  His new mum and dad say he snores like a trooper, and seems to have claimed his space on the sofa already!

Jas - Adopted June 2009

We are so happy to have Jas with us. She just settled in from day one and enjoys life to the full - all the comings and goings - especially the beach.

Could we send special thanks to her foster mum Sharon, for caring for her so well, and also to everyone at BDRNE for letting Jas come to live with us. Even Jock is happy being the underdog again, he was missing his lifelong pal Jasmine but now has Jas to supervise him.

Thanks again to everyone

George - Adopted June 2009

Handsome Harry came into rescue in May and went off to his new home shortly after.  Sadly it was not meant to be as one of his new family members developed severe allergies triggered by Harry's presence and he had to come back into our care.


Such a strapping gentleman wasn't back with us long before he was sent to his second home where he not only got a new mum and dad but he was also given a new name.



His new mum and dad adore him, and he even has a new poodle brother and sister to play with!  As his new brother's name was also Harry they thought it only fair to give him a new name, and chose the rather suiting George!

Sampson - Adopted June 2009

Hunky Sampson went off to his new home earlier this month and to say his new family are besotted is an understatement!



"We just want to say a big massive huuuuuge thankyou for finding us sampson, from the very first day of having him it felt like we have had him years, it felt so natural.  He's settled in amazing straight away, he loves lots of cuddles and those big wet kisses, lol , and loves to play all the time.  His favourite places to rest are on our setee, under the dining room table where it is shady and under our daughters bed , he likes to wake her up in the morning with a cuddle and a kiss.  She does not stop talking about him, and has allready drawn lots of pictures and paintings of him at school, they are inseperable, her favourite thing at the moment is to give sampson a treat when he sits, or gives his paw, or says please, speak. :)   He's a perfect passenger in the car too, he will often put his paw on eloises lap for comfort.  We have also noticed that he likes to sit on your foot. ;) it makes us laugh.  We take him on about 4 walks a day which tire him, and afterwards sometimes makes him fall asleep standing up :) then he often bounces right backfull of

Once again i just want to say thank you so much for giving us the oppertunity to have sampson in our lives.  We love him so much and will always stay intouch and keep you updated with lots of pictures."

Naz - Adopted June 2009

Naz went to his new home earlier in June where he settled right in to his new life with his new family.  No accidents or anything, he has been the perfect gent since the day he arrived!  But don't just take our word for it, here's the boy himself:



"As you may well see i am a little camera shy . Well what can i say, everyone thinks that i am just adorable and have fallen in love with me. I have settled in fantastically, and I love nothing more than running or should I say, charging though the fields off the lead chasing after the children, then home for a nice long drink and cuddle on the sofa.  The children adore me and my new mum says I'm even better behaved than them!!"

Rambo - Adopted May 2009

Rambo came into us as part of a pair with the lovely Caz (below).  Sadly Caz became ill and could not remain in kennels with Rambo so it meant they had to be re homed separately.  His new mum says his first week has been very busy and good fun.


Newly christened 'Bambo' is hungry 24/7, toy daft, but a very good boy.  He likes to have Mummy and Daddy in at the same time 24/7 ,loves the car, and has started to put on a bit of weight.



He's been to vet and had his first injection and behaved very well.  He's not so great with other dogs, which is a pity because he is missing pals that he could play with!

Buster & Missy - Adopted April 2009

"They are both doing great and have settled right into our family. Buster and Missy are the perfect dogs and are a complete credit to their past owner.



They enjoy their long walks and can now walk to heel. We have been teaching them new tricks, they know; sit, paw, flat, stay, leave it, play dead and stop and wait by the side of the road. Buster has got the hang of fetch but Missy has her own rules about the game (you chasing after her). We are still working on the recall because as soon as they see another dog, person or squirrel they play the deaf card.



Their bald patches have gone and both have found a new love for water, Missy loves to splash through puddles the bigger the better and Buster likes to try and jump in the lake for a swim. We want to thank you for matching Buster and Missy to our family, we find them to be the sweetest natured dogs you could even meet."

Sampson, now Milo - Adopted April 2009

His new family say it's as if he has always been there and most of the time he is better behaved than the kids. He loves going out on his lead and does not really pull any more. He still likes to empty the bin to see what he can find!

Louie - Adopted April 2009

Shiny Louie went off to his new home in April and has a new sister, Saffy, to play with who keeps him very busy.  Louie is full of bounce and life, he has been racing with his new family every weekend and loves travelling and all the attention from the fellow racers. He even gets to help out at his new dads work!

Rocky - Adopted April 2009

Rocky was much loved and his family gave him up very reluctantly due to a change in their circumstances. Happily he's settled in brilliantly in his new home and loves running with his new dad who is a bit of a sporty sort - which suits this gorgeous boy down to the ground!


Caz - Adopted March 2009

This is the characterful and gorgeous Caz, who came to us with her brother Rambo.  We were not able to find them a home together but they have both found wonderful forever homes. We were delighted when Miss Caz sent us this note!

“Hello Boxer Rescue, it's Caz. Thanks for all your help and finding me a new home. I have a new sister, Lita, she mothers me and is always licking my slobber keeping me clean. I don't mind cos she lets me share her bed! My new mum and dad love me very much, but make me stop chasing rabbits over the field! They're taking me on a big boat in August on the Norfolk Broads for a week!! Mum said I can't jump in the water (but I think I will ha ha!). My new nanny Sylvia loves me, but says I got a dopey face. That's ok as I just cover her in in dog hairs when she has her black pants on ha ha!

Thank you again Claire and all the lovely people at BDRNE. I'm glad to see my Rambo has a new home!

Love you all

Poppy - Adopted March 2009

Poppy was originally re-homed via the rescue during the Summer of 2007.  In March this year Poppy was picked up by the dog warden after she strayed and we were contacted from the details held on her microchip.  Poppy's family were unable to collect her and pay the pound fee so she came back to us to prevent her from being put to sleep.



Poppy does have some skin problems which appear to have been made worse by her straying.  She now has a new mum and dad who have taken it all in their stride and are besotted with her:

"She has settled in so well, she is the best dog ever!! She loves to sleep, but we have been taking her for long walks in the fields and she is getting fitter by the day.  She is such a happy girl who absolutely loves her cuddles, she is such a softy. She is very nosey, she likes to have a good look in the bread cupboard- doesn't eat it, just likes the smell.  Such a character.

Her skin has been bothering her a little bit but nothing major, she likes having a good scratch but she gets told off and she has become sneaky now trying to do it without us knowing the little monkey. She has become our little girl and we can't imagine life without her. I'm glad that we could give her a forever home."

Stella - Adopted March 2009

Stella recieved a new name - Bobbi - when she went to her new home in March and according to her new mum:


 “she has settled in very well and is great companion. She is a very affectionate dog and has bundles of energy. She is very partial to a run on the beach!! She loves attention and the odd Sunday morning lie in on our bed!!! She takes up most room as she finds it her right to get in between us and push us out!!”


Socs - Adopted February 2009

Socs has settled in well in her new ‘forever’ home and loves nothing more than waking her new ‘4 year old best friend’ on school mornings with a big sloppy boxer kiss on her toes. She loves home comforts and has been known to snuggle on the settee when you go out of the room. She is very affectionate and loves cuddles. Her favourite pastime at the minute is playing football with the ‘boys’ and chasing her ball on the field. Thank you so much to everyone at BDRNE.

Billie - Adopted February 2009

Billie who is now Milly came into rescue when her family emigrated and couldn’t take her with them. She arrived after a long transport run, to a foster home where she knew nobody and behaved impeccably – she has a lovely nature.



Her new family love her to bits and say it feels as if she’s always been with them! Here she is listening to her tunes



Lilli - Adopted February 2009


This is the gorgeous Lilli – she was only five months old when she came to us. This is what her new family have to say!!!


“We are definately in a Lilli bubble of joy.


She is an absolute darling and has definately found her forever home. She has settled in so well and its like she has always been here with us. She seems to adore the mad comings & goings of our house, loves the children and her & Tom have been great together.


We are so in love with her and she is so clever (and food orientated) so the training will come on in leaps & bounds.


Thank you for everything and for letting us home such a special little girl.”

Diva – Adopted January 2009

This gorgeous girl is Diva – she was not well when she arrived – her time in the pound was up and she was very underweight after having been picked up as a stray. Now she is a princess, not just a diva.



This is what her new mum said about her:


“Just an update on Diva for you, yep we have kept her name and she is definitely living up to it ha ha! Her favourite place is in front of the wood burning stove in the kitchen.  I make a fire every day and she absolutely loves the warm.  One day she actually sat on the hearth with her 2 front paws on the floor and her bum on the hearth!”


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