Boxer Dog Rescue Northern England

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Leo - Rehomed Oct 2011

Leo is currently learning the ropes in a brand new doggy training class whilst in his new home, he is starting to chill out and relax and can even be let off lead now to play with other dogs on his walks! His mum and dad are over the moon with his progress and so is the team at BDRNE! 

Orson - Rehomed October 2011

Orson trotted off to his new home with a new boxer sister, Stoli - who slowly seems to be coming round to the idea of sharing everything with him!  He's already a big hit with everyone, desperately trying to win Stoli's affections, said to be a big softy and even had an appointment at the grooming parlour for a bit of 'male grooming'.

Heidi - Rehomed Sept 2011

Heidi found her new home in September after spending some time in one of our foster homes where they worked really well on her socialisation with other dogs.  She even learnt that the chickens on the farm were not for chasing!  Needless to say her new mum was over the moon when she went to meet her, and took her straight off to her new home.

Lola - Rehomed June 2011

Lola (previously Casey) went off to her new home in June.  She adores the 2 children in her home and all their friends and family who visit and has already been on several holidays to the seaside!  Her new family are really enjoying having her there and they all look forward to their evening walks in the countryside every day.

Bailey - Rehomed June 2011

Bailey's family can't believe how lucky they are with this lad.  He's bonded well with new staffie sister Bella and just wants to kiss every new visitor to the house to welcome them!  He loves cuddling, either with his teddies, Bella or with the family (but he knows Bella's the boss!).  They love to play together, and he has been looking to her to learn the ropes of the house.  His mum says he's a mischevious lad, but in a good way, and is just the sweetest most handsome boy ever!

Ruby - Rehomed May 2011

Ruby came into rescue originally via the RSPCA who asked us to help find her a home.  Within a few weeks she landed on her paws with her new mum and dad who cannot believe their luck with this little girl.  She loves her walks in the forest or on the beach, and has developed a taste for swimming in the sea! She loves mixing with other dogs in the park on walks and even gets to go to work with her dad sometimes too!

Keira - Rehomed March 2011

I got the phone call from the BDRNE team one night while I was shopping in Tesco to see if we were interested in going to see Kiera. I jumped down the phone and said definitely yes! We went to visit her a couple of days later and took our other dogs with us. We fell in love straight away and all went well with the dogs so we brought her home. She was so chilled out and just settled straight away - although my cats were a bit dubious about having a big dog in the house as my other dogs are the same size as them or smaller! Kiera had some hair loss on either side of her back which everyone had put down to stress.
The first night Kiera didn't like being left downstairs and was a bit anxious but we put that down to new surroundings. However this carried on for a few nights, so I rang the team who have been a constant help, giving me advice and friendly words over the phone whenever I was worried or just to ask a question. A massive heartfelt "Thank You" to you!.
On a trip to the vets for worming, we discovered that Kiera had a thyroid problem. She had been lethargic, sleeping a lot, and the hair loss was a symptom too. We began treatment straight away and now, the end of April, Kiera is a different dog! The tablets have done wonders, her hair is almost grown back, she has so much energy, constantly playful with everybody, my other dogs, the rabbits (who she gets miffed at because they wont play so she just stands at the hutch and barks, begging them to do something!). When we walk, she runs! We are so pleased!
Basically we all love Kiera very much. She is a blessing to have, everyone who meets her falls under her spell and thinks she's adorable, which she is! We are so lucky and have the BDRNE team to thank for making us all happy and for finding Kiera her forever home.