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Happy Endings 2014

The BDRNE team rehomed 78 dogs in 2014


Here are some of their stories...


Peanut lived in a cage in a barn for most of her life, having no interaction with other dogs and very little with humans. She was rescued from there by a couple but they couldn't give her the exercise and the time she deserved so they contacted BDRNE.

Peanut came into foster care in January 2014 where she lived with another Boxer who showed her how great a doggie companion can be. Peanut followed him everywhere and we could see how much he brought to her life, so the BDRNE team made sure Peanut went to a forever home with a resident dog.

3 weeks later, she trotted off to her forever home to start her happy new life with her new Boxer brother, Angus. Her new family bring her along to the BDRNE Fun Days where she meets up with her old foster brother (and gives him lots of kisses!) and she also enjoys coming to organised Boxer walks with Angus - then snuggles up to him in the car on the way home for a snooze.

Peanut has come such a long way since coming to BDRNE and has forgotten all about her old sad, lonely life. Now she lives life to the full surrounded by human and doggie love. She even has a new career as a BDRNE pin-up girl, featuring as Miss September in our 2015 calendar! 



Obi’s owners didn’t have the time or money to look after him properly and he was spending a lot of time home alone, which he hated. It made him so anxious he would shake with fear as soon as they picked up their car keys. Luckily for Obi, instead of passing him on to a friend or selling him on the internet, his owners contacted Boxer Dog Rescue Northern England. He came into foster care with us and quickly formed a strong bond with his new foster brother who showed him that being home alone was nothing to worry about. Obi responded so well to having a canine companion, the BDRNE team knew his ideal match would be a home with a resident dog – and we didn’t have to look far.

Obi trotted off to his new home with his new Boxer sister, Molly, in November and we could not have wished for a better forever family for him. His new mum and dad are thrilled to bits and Molly loves having a new best mate!


His mum and dad tell us “Obi is adorable and loving and as long as he can sit and look out of a window to watch the world go by he doesn’t display any separation anxiety behaviour that had brought him to BDRNE in the first place. Obi 'kisses' leave a lasting impression on anyone he meets and he has endless energy playing with other dogs he meets! As a family we feel blessed to have him in our lives and are so grateful to BDRNE for all that they have done and continue to do.”



Hugo was 3 years old when his owners decided they no longer had time for him following the arrival of a new baby. Luckily the BDRNE team were on hand and arranged a great foster home for him where he was assessed and waited for the team to find the right match for him. He was a little unsure about things at first and was scared to get into a car, but it wasn’t long before the team found the perfect family. He trotted off to his new home in August and now loves his life with his new family and boxer brother, Bruno. His new mum says:

“Hugo is a little star and he and Bruno really are best mates - they do absolutely everything together! He is coming on leaps and bounds and now jumps into the car, plunges into the sea and has even started to give us his paw for treats. He is such a little sweetie and he's just no bother at all, so thank you again ... we honestly couldn't imagine life without our little Huey Louie!"



When her owner tragically passed away, Beau was kindly taken in by a friend. However, after 2 years of looking after her, the friend realised she couldn't give Beau what she really needed. Beau was sad and lonely.

Luckily for Beau, the friend contacted BDRNE.

Beau came into our care in January 2014 and moved into a foster home with a pack of 5 resident dogs. She very quickly learned how to be a member of a happy, balanced pack and the BDRNE team knew she would love the companionship of another dog in her forever home. She didn't have to wait long before we found her perfect match and one week later she met her new boxer brother, Dudley, and they hit it off instantly!

Beau trotted off to her new home and has never looked back. Her forever family tell us she and Dudley are the best of friends and it's as if she's always lived there. They say they couldn't imagine life without her and we think the feeling's mutual! 


Fable was only 11 months old when his owner couldn’t look after him any more due to a medical condition so he contacted BDRNE for urgent help. Luckily, one of our volunteers and fosterers lived nearby so he stepped in and took Fable home on foster. Fable was lucky enough to go on holiday to Scotland with his foster carers and he just loved chasing through the open fields and streams with his foster sister, Molly. In fact, he loved it so much, the BDRNE team decided that would be his perfect forever home.

Fable scampered off to his forever home in the vast countryside of the Scottish Borders in October 2014 and has been living life to the full ever since. His new name is Buddy, which he thinks really suits him! He gets loads of exercise and his new family love him to bits. He enjoys seeing his foster family when they visit him on their holidays and he and Molly have a grand old time playing chase through the fields and forests. When he's not chasing around with his ball, he's sleeping it all off - with his ball!




Our names our Rubba and Eccles. We just want to update you on our lives since we got rehomed in March 2013!

We are having a super fun time! We go to work with Dad every day, then have our breakfast! He then takes us for a long run around the field behind our shop, Eccles can run for miles (she will be 6 in Oct), but I just have to trot behind because I'm an OAP now (I will be 11 on Sept 14th). We go to our caravan at the seaside regularly, but Mummy tells Eccles off for digging up too many stones! I love paddling in the sea, but Eccles often runs past and splashes me, so I steal her ball! 
We are very happy in our new home and get lots of cuddles and kisses, even when we sneak on the bed after our mummy has gone to work! 

Lots of love, woof woof, Rubba and Eccles xxx