Boxer Dog Rescue Northern England

Helping Boxers In Need Across The North Of England And Beyond Registered Charity No. 1153127

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The BDRNE team rehomed 78 dogs in 2015.


Here are some of their stories...


Ralph’s owner had to move house and couldn’t take her with him so she asked BDRNE to find him the best home we could. He came into foster care where he recovered from his recent neutering operation.

The BDRNE team couldn’t have found a better home for him than the one he trotted off to in February this year. His new family adore him and they say it’s as if he’s always lived there. He’s enjoying his great new life and has already been to a Boxer meet where he met up with his old foster brother and lots & lots of new Boxer pals!

His new mum says "Since we were lucky enough to be chosen for Ralph, he has made us smile every day.  My husband says that Ralph's world is all sunshine and rainbows which pretty much sums him up! - That's what he's brought into our lives and we love him for it. He made our family whole again.  So thank you Ralph and thank you Boxer Dog Rescue Northern England.".  



Sox is a beautiful Boxer cross and came into our care urgently because her owner could no longer afford to keep her.  

Sox went into foster care and it was quickly discovered that she had very little socialisation experience. She had not been on a lead or in cars, she didn’t know what stairs were and had not been to the vets in a very long time. When her foster mum collected her, Sox filled the estate car's boot! She's a BIG girl!

Her new foster family soon discovered a goofy, loveable but very stressed and nervous soul. Initially Sox was scared of bins on the road and traffic, she couldn’t walk up and down stairs and didn't know how to play, but her foster family worked with her and soon sorted out her issues. Sox now loves to play, she can walk to heel and she jumps in and out the car. Although she is still scared of the world, slowly and surely she is gaining in confidence. Her foster family fell in love with her and jumped at the chance of adopting her.

Her new mum says "We love our special girl so much. I am finding adopting a dog so worthwhile. The BDRNE team do amazing work, thank you all for caring so much and for uniting us with our Soxy dog!!!"



Coco was sent in to Rescue when one of her owners developed a serious allergy and the Doctors advised them to rehome her. Luckily BDRNE stepped in and brought her into foster care. She was a frightened little girl when she first came, but her foster brother soon brought her out of her shell and they developed a great friendship. The team decided that Coco would greatly benefit from the companionship of a canine sibling in her forever home and soon her perfect match came along.

Coco went to her new home in February. Her owner says she’s settled in really well and has become an instant part of the family. She’s formed a very strong bond with her new Boxer brother, Harley and the two of them are great friends. In fact, her owner says they’re like a married couple!



Bella was spending 9 hours a day in a crate while her owner went out to work. She was desperately unhappy, crying and howling all day long and not getting any exercise or stimulation. When the landlord threatened eviction, her owner was going to send her to the pound until BDRNE stepped in.

We found out that Bella had previously been rescued from a Dogs’ Home where she had been sent by her first owners who no longer wanted her once she’d produced enough puppies for them. We knew that poor Bella needed to find a home where her new owner was going to give her the love and attention she needed - and for the rest of her life. The BDRNE team could not have found a better home.

Bella moved into her new home in April and just loves her new life. She gets all the attention she needs from her new mum - to whom she is absolutely devoted – and she even has Stanley, her little Boxer brother, to keep her busy! Her family love her to bits and Bella now enjoys days at the park or at the beach and daily exercise including regular pack walks with other dogs. She's even been on her first camping trip! Her life really has been turned around and she is now a VERY happy little girl!  



Robin was only 11 months old when her owner realised she no longer had time for her and contacted BDRNE. She came in to a fabulous foster home where she was fully assessed in order for the perfect forever home to be identified.

A couple of months later, we found her perfect family and she trotted off to her new home with her new boxer brother, Boris and a new name – Betsy! This is what her new family say:

"They say a dog should chose its owner - and there is no better example of this than with our BDRNE brindle girl, Betsy Boo. Previously known as 'Robin', Betsy is a 1 year old boxer cross who has shown to be a cuddly, loving and independent little girl. She very quickly settled into our home life, fitting very naturally into the family dynamic, especially when bossing her new big brother Boris around! We were warned that she was destructive when left for any period of time, but after a few days, we started to leave Betsy out of her crate while we were out and found no destructive behaviour. We soon realised why - her favourite hobby is people watching from the bay window! She is starting to learn to share with Boris, and has become less protective over her food and toys as the trust between her and her brother builds.

Rescuing Betsy Boo has been an incredibly easy, smooth and positive experience. After only having her for 1 month, we can safely say we cannot imagine life without her. We are still discovering her personality, and look forward to getting to know her better.
Thank you BDRNE for allowing us to re-home one of your beloved Boxers, she is very much a part of our family.”