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Happy Endings 2016

The BDRNE team rehomed 62 dogs in 2016
Here are some of their stories... 


Duke & Roxy had nowhere to go when their owner moved and they weren’t welcome in the new home. BDRNE stepped in and brought the pair in to safety in March and they both received vet treatment.

Having been together since pups they were very closely bonded, so we wanted to find a forever home where they could stay together. BDRNE were thrilled when the perfect applicants came along and Duke and Roxy moved into their new home together. As you can see they quickly made themselves at home! Their new owners couldn’t be happier “Roxy & Duke are fab and have settled in so well, even taking them out is great, they’re both great off lead. We couldn't ask for better.”



Stella was only 18 months old when she was sent into Rescue in April because of the arrival of a new baby. BDRNE welcomed her with open arms and brought her into a foster home. She was an extremely nervous little girl, running away from everything and everyone she met, but with the help of her new foster brother, she soon settled down and learned there was nothing to be afraid of.

After a short spell in foster care, BDRNE found the perfect forever home for Stella and she trotted off with her new owners. She settled in very quickly and her family love her to bits. She's now getting all the love and attention she deserves and enjoys regular exercise and playtimes with her ball. She particularly loves having fun meeting new dogs whilst out and about on her walks and she is now a happy, healthy and balanced Boxer girl - who recently celebrated her 2nd birthday!



Kim came into our care in June after her owners gave her up because she was hyperactive. She was being fed Bakers and suffered from severe skin irritation. She spent 2 months in foster care with another Boxer and it quickly became clear she would flourish with a canine playmate in her new home. With a change of diet and a structured exercise regime Kim was ready to move on when the right home came along…..and BDRNE found her the perfect one.


 Kim is now happy and healthy and is enjoying life to the full with her new family including her Boxer brother, Wilf. They love to play ball and chase around their 7 acres of gardens, then snuggle up in their bed (or sometimes on the sofa when Mum & Dad aren’t looking!). Kim’s new family love her to bits; “She’s delightful! Wilf is in love – and so are we.”