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Foster homes are a vitally important in the quest to find the right homes for our dogs.  We would like all of the boxers in our care to be with foster homes as they give us a better idea of the personality of a dog in a real home environment. 

Fostering requires you to look after the dog as if it were your own, for as long as it takes to find a permanent home. This can be days, weeks, a month or more.  Foster parents will assess each dog's temperament in order to establish the correct family placement.  When fostering you may also need to assist with toilet training or lead work and general manners in order to help them find that new forever home.

We work as a team with our foster carers, providing support and advice.  We will always be there if you encounter any problems.  Good communication is the key to doing the right thing for the dog and the foster family.  Knowing the complete story of a dog's behaviour assists tremendously in overcoming issues and also in putting together a description of a dog to ensure we encourage interest from suitable adopters.

Before any dog leaves for their new home they must be neutered and microchipped and in good health.  If you live nearby we will expect you to use our vet for any treatment needed and this way the costs will be billed directly to the rescue. If location makes this impossible and you need to use your own vet, then we will ensure the cost for all pre-agreed treatment is reimbursed by the rescue. 

Taking in a rescue dog is not an easy job, but if you are a boxer lover you will find it very rewarding to know that you have helped by offering a safe, comfortable haven during a very traumatic time for any dog.  Adoption allows you to help only one or two dogs but fostering will allow you to help many more.  Each dog will be different from the last.  Some will fit into your life easily and others may require patience and gentle handling to gain trust.  For the first few days you will need to be around all the time to reassure the dog.  There are three basic rules to settling a dog in swiftly: regular exercise, regular routine and some basic house rules - all accompanied by loving human companionship. 

If you wish to help us by fostering please complete our foster application form. 

Home Checking

All prospective adopters need to undergo a home check. This helps us to understand the environment the dog will be introduced to and also allows us to assess the type of dog which may suit the family.  We are always in need of home checkers for all areas of the UK.

You need to be:

  • Confident and approachable
  • Familiar with the rescues rehoming policies 
  • Aware of what to look out for when homechecking
  • A good judge of character
  • A non-judgemental honest and open individual
  • Mobile and able to fit duties around adoptees
  • Able to keep accurate records of visits

We can offer:

  • Full training and support
  • One to one mentoring

If you'd like to help by homechecking please complete our volunteer form by clicking here.

Click here if you are a BDRNE volunteer and have a homecheck form to submit to the team. 


We take dogs from all kind of situations.  Some dogs come to us when they are found as a stray and taken to the council run pound where they are allowed to stay for only 7 days. When a boxer reaches its 'time' we are often asked if we can take it and we always will.

Other dogs are offered to us by their owners who are no longer able to take care of them.  Occasionally the owners are not equipped to bring the dog to us so we will arrange for the dog to be collected.

Some dogs already in our care need to be transported for veterinary care, into foster homes or occasionally into their new adoptive placement.

To assist us in transporting boxers you need to have:

  • A reliable vehicle suitable for the carriage of animals
  • A love of dogs and the ability to handle a boxer
  • The time and will to assist an animal in need 

If you'd like to help by transporting please complete our volunteer form by clicking here.


The Rescue relies solely on donations.  We collect an adoption fee for every dog we rehome but this falls far short of the costs we incur in rehoming most of our dogs. To support the rescue we also run fund raising events such as car boot sales, charity dogs shows and on line events such as auctions or competitions. 

In special circumstances we will also make online appeals for treatment or care for dogs in desperate need of medical care.

None of the Boxer Dog Rescue Northern England rescue co-ordinators take any monetary gain from running the rescue. Time is given freely by all members and the dogs we have supported so far would not be where they are today without the sterling efforts of all involved.

We currently have kennel and vet bills to pay and despite the best efforts of all of the volunteers the funds are low.  If you are able to support the rescue by making a donation then you can do so by any of the following methods:

  - Credit/debit card by clicking on the 'make a donation' button on our website's welcome page.

  - Bank transfer (contact us at for bank details) 

  - PayPal by visiting PayPal and sending a gift to

  - Cheque made payable to Boxer Dog Rescue Northern England and sent to BDRNE, PO Box 406, Alderley Edge, Cheshire SK9 0ED.

***GIFT AID***

We can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you donate! Please complete our Gift Aid form if you are a UK tax payer.