special appeal

to find BETSY A forever home 

We're making a special appeal to find a home for Betsy, not because she's a difficult dog - she's not, but because she has already been through so much in her life we want to find her a great home and this time we want to make sure it's for keeps.


Betsy is a survivor of the 2014 arson attack at the Manchester Dogs Home. She was only a youngster when she went through this ordeal and is now 5 and a half years old. We found her a loving home shortly after the fire and she has lived there ever since, sharing her home with a boxer brother. However, the recent arrival of a new baby in the house has meant that, unfortunately, Betsy has found herself in need of yet another home.

Although Betsy has lived with dogs before (as you can see from the pictures below), she can be distrustful of dogs she doesn't know well which makes introductions to doggy friends complicated. However, we know from her previous homes that she does have the ability to be social with properly managed introductions by a calm, confident handler. Betsy isn't a dog that needs canine company though, in fact she isn't even keen on them approaching her for a sniff whilst out on walks, so we are looking for a home with no resident dogs and no visiting dogs. She is known to chase cats so there can be no resident cats in her house.  

Betsy enjoys a calm, quiet environment so a noisy home or one with younger children is not suitable. She has behaved impeccably in her foster home and has enjoyed the company of a young teen for games and training! A more friendly and affectionate house dog you could never meet; she is obedient and has been friendly and loving with her fosterers.


If you can offer Betsy a home with no resident pets and no young children you will be rewarded with a wonderful, loving companion. If this is you, please complete the adoption form at the bottom of this page.

You must read our adoption policies (below) before applying to adopt Betsy. If your circumstances do not meet ALL of the criteria in our adoption policies your application will not be progressed and you may not receive further contact from us.


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