If you need to rehome your dog then please complete the form below. 

This provides us with the information we need to understand your dog and it allows us to assess the type of home which will be most suitable.  We will need to keep the dog in our care for a short period whist we assess temperament and complete any essential veterinary treatment. We do not have boarding facilities of our own so we rely on foster carers or, if necessary, the availability of funding for the use of commercial kennel space. 


It would assist significantly if you could arrange for your dog to be neutered prior to re-homing.  This reduces the amount of time the dog needs to remain in our care and keeps our outlay to a minimum. If you are not in a position to do this then a donation towards the costs would really help.

You are required to upload at least 1 photo of the dog with this form. If you are unable to do this you must email a photo to the BDRNE team using the contact details on this website. Remember to add your name along with your dog's name if emailing photos.

Once this form is submitted and we have received a suitable photograph we will actively look for a home for your dog. The photograph(s) will be a big help in promoting interest whilst we are searching for foster or kennel space and will speed up the adoption process significantly. 

If you are rehoming more than one dog you must complete a separate form for each dog.