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adoption Policies

you must read this page before applying to adopt

Each applicant will be required to complete an adoption application which can be found on the Adopt page. If you do not have access to the internet then please call your local area co-ordinator who will be happy to complete the form on your behalf - their contact details can be found here.

Once we have processed the information and made initial checks, if everything is in order, we will arrange a home check. This will consist of an informal visit by one of our volunteers or committee members. We will review the application submitted and assess the home and any outside space for its suitability to contain a boxer. We will also assess the attitude and approach of the family in an attempt to assess the type of dog which would be suited to the environment.


Each of our dogs is assessed and matched with a suitable home from our waiting list, with primary consideration being given to the welfare and happiness of the dog. We may feel that the particular dog you have expressed an interest in will be better suited to a different environment, and the committee's decision in this respect is final.


Each dog is an individual, some will be good with other dogs, some are dog aggressive and will need to be the only dog in a home. Some are cat and small animal friendly and some are not.  Some are good with small children, some are not. Some dogs may be left for short periods and others may suffer distress or separation anxiety and cause damage and mess when left.  All of these aspects are considered when finding the right dog for your family.


We are a registered charity (1153127) and rely solely on donations.  Therefore we ask for a minimum donation of £300.00 per dog. This donation contributes to vet and kennel fees for dogs in our care.


All dogs are neutered prior to rehoming unless it is medically inappropriate for us to do so.  Where an animal is too young or has not been in our care long enough to have this completed, we will discuss an appropriate period within which this must be done and the rescue will fund the surgery needed.


We do not rehome to people with entire dogs in the home unless a veterinary surgeon feels the procedure would cause significant risk to the dog's health. We will not in any way be connected to, or condone breeding.  By neutering your pets this proves to us you are a responsible dog owner and have the dog’s best interests at heart.

Adoption Conditions


1. The minimum age for adopting a boxer from BDRNE is 25 years.


2. Resident children must be over 8 years of age. Consideration may be given for an applicant with a younger child if they have significant experience in rescuing large breed dogs.


3. All residents of the home must be in agreement about adopting a rescue boxer and must be present at the home check.


4. You must be willing to travel to us to meet the dog along with any resident children and companion dogs to ensure compatibility.


5. We will not rehome where there is an intention to keep the dog outside whilst the home is empty or when the occupants retire at night, regardless of the provision of a kennel or dog run. Furthermore, we will not rehome where there is an intention to allow the dog access to the garden, either by an open door or a dog flap, whilst the home is empty or when the occupants retire at night.


6. We will not rehome to an applicant who intends to use the dog for hunting or guarding.

7. We will not rehome where there is an intention to routinely leave the dog unattended for more than a total of 4 hours a day, whether or not that time is split up. 

8. We will not rehome where the property does not have a secure outside space.


9. All dogs rehomed by BDRNE will be neutered unless age or a medical condition prevents this. If it is not possible to complete this prior to adoption, we will identify a date by which this must be completed.  We will also contact your vet for proof that this has been done.


10. We do not rehome where there is a resident un-neutered dog or cat. Consideration may be given if there is a medical reason for the resident animal to remain entire.


11. We expect new owners to give the dog a reasonable amount of time to settle and adjust to their new life.


12. We will only rehome a dog where it will receive an adequate amount of DAILY exercise, including walks off the premises. 


13. Should you reach a point where you are unable to keep the dog, it must be returned to Boxer Dog Rescue Northern England. Failure to return the dog to us will result in legal action against you.


14. We ask for a minimum adoption donation of £300.00 which contributes to any medical care that the dog has received and also helps towards the care of other dogs in need.


15. An Adoption contract must be signed to agree to all of the above on the day of adoption. All dogs remain the legal property of Boxer Dog Rescue Northern England until an adoption contract is signed by both the adopter and a BDRNE representative.


16. The decision of rehoming is made for the benefit of the dog and is at the discretion of Boxer Dog Rescue Northern England.

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